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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brit's new VMA Spots

My have things changed since last year's VMA's and here are two promo spots to prove it. Britney, who is obviously taking part, in a spoof on herself with the old 'elephant in the room' stars in these two commercials for this years VMA's hosted by that British Comedian no one cares about, Russell Brown...err Brand! Check them out! SO GOOD TO SEE BRITNEY BACK AND HAVING FUN!

Monday, August 11, 2008

LC - I heart you!

LC hit Las Vegas this weekend to host an event the Christian Audigier nightclub and looked stunning. This story ran on People.com (though Life & Style got the same interview) -

Lauren Conrad confirmed to PEOPLE that she will be designing at least one dress for
next month’s Emmy Awards, calling it a “huge compliment”. “I’m doing one. I may be doing two,” she said Saturday in Las Vegas before hosting a night at Christian Audigier The Nightclub. The designer of the Lauren Conrad Collection will be dressing the show’s “trophy girls” who bring the awards on stage for the eventual winner. Conrad elaborated, “It’s a huge compliment to be asked to do that, and it was really amazing to be taken seriously.” The invitation to design the dress is a major victory for Conrad who has been chastised by some who recently said she isn’t involved in her clothing line. “I didn’t even really respond to the rumors because they were so silly,” she said. “It was someone who knew how important the line is to me and knew that that would hurt me.” Dressed in BCBG, The Hills star also squashed rumors that she is dating My Boys actor Kyle Howard. When asked is the two were dating, she laughed, saying “No, but I do know him, yes.” — Mark Gray


I recently met Ms. LC at an event she is just stunning in person and let me tell you, that bitch knows how to have a good time and knows EVERYONE! She must get around and not in the town bike kind of way. After meeting her, I am that much more excited for the premiere of THE HILLS next week!! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cooper hates the Lohan's

This is why Anderson Cooper is my hero! Cooper guest hosted on Regis & Kelly and spilled the beans about how awful he thinks the show is and how he feels about Lindsay, Ali, and Dina! Check it out below!

Dina, that orange tranny, responded with this --

"Some people are just cruel!"
"I think this is bad karma for him!"

Umm...you know whats bad Karma Dina...Your entire existance! Anderson responded with more slams and no apologies for what he said! Way to go Coop, you are the man!

Sammy Engaged!

Well, I know it was reported weeks ago, but I felt the need to congrats my dear friend Sam Talbot on his engagement! Check out the full article here or in this weeks People Magazine!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Crush on David

Here it is! The brand new single from David Archuleta from this past season of American Idol. The song is called 'Crush' and it is really cute. Now I was a fan of his through out this season of Idol and if all of his songs are as catchy and poppy at this it will be gracing my ipod in no time! I am sure David will do really well when his album drops....people love him!