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Friday, May 27, 2005


So I added a few photos down below there for you to peep at but for more photos, including ones of my new place check out...


and check out the updated...




For all of you in or around UPSTATE NY...

Get ready for Albanys BIGGEST GAY Pride Kickoff PARTY EVER!

Friday June 3rd
Party Starts at 11 pm

Mama, Penny Larceny, and Storm
Hosted by None other then the Capital Region's Fabulous Voice of the Gay's... JJ GAY, in for this special Pride kick off from San Francisco.
Then the fabulous one takes the stage, none other then Ms. LADY BUNNY!!! Last time she was at Waterworks she blew us out of the water, and sold the house out. Make sure you get your tickets now!!

THIS IS AN 18+ EVENT!! 18 to Party, 21+ to drink!!

Tickets in Advance are $10, day of $15
All Proceeds to Benefit the CDGLCC.

Check out JJGAY.com and WATERWORKSPUB.com for more info.

For more info about Lady bunny, check out LADYBUNNY.net.

My homegirl Ms Lady Bunny, will also be appearing here in San Francisco on June 21st at Trannyshack...see you all there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Me looking so fabulous in...umm a hole!  Posted by Hello

OOO Perrtttyy! Posted by Hello

At KFOG Kaboom with Kelly and Brian Posted by Hello

My Girl Allison and I Posted by Hello

My Peoples...Love you guys! Posted by Hello


Wanna see something hysterical...You may get a kick out of this!
Check out STOREWARS.org
Enough Said!

So Carrie won! Good for her, I havent watched this season religiously but I have seen many performances via the website or TV recaps, and I taken away by Carries voice, makes me drift, which is something healthy and good for music and for sales. I think both Carrie and BO are extremely talented and will have careers once this show end, no matter who the winner is. Though Carrie is more sellable to a wider audience I think Bo would and could make a living at being a performer and signing with Clive Davis, who is showing interest either way, winner or loser, would be a GREAT thing for him.

Ellen sweeped the Daytime Emmys. That bitch can dance! Loves it! Just what we need, A lil Ellen a day keeps the doctor away! :O)

So 6 days until I head home for a fabulous time. I really cant wait. The show at WaterWorks is called WATERSTOCK and will be hosted by me, JJ GAY, and setting the preshow on fire will be Mama, Storm, and Penny Larceny. Penny is retiring from the drag scence in Albany, so this show will be her last, making it all that much more special. Penny has done show after show and has dedicated many hours performing for free. Penny is a professional and a pleasure to work with, Thank you Penny for doing my going away party like no one else could have. I love you with all my heart and you will be missed! So The show will be ended by The amazing Lady Bunny tearing it up on stage...I cant wait!

Keep your fingers Crossed, my bio and resume has ended up in the hands of the programming dept at Energy 92.7 FM here in San Fran, to get an idea of how amazing this station is check out, www.energy927fm.com

Oh ya by the way, I got some surprises in store for everyone at the show...You guys aint seen nuffin yet!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So Jim Verraros was on American Idol season 1. I thought maybe he was family but wasnt quite sure. NOW...Not only has he come out, in a big way, hes one of the stars of one of the funniest independent gay films I have ever seen entitled, Eating Out. HYSTERICAL. It was shown here in San Francisco, a few months ago and it was so funny I was crying I was laughing so hard. The writing, the wit, the acting, the humor; all impressive. Jim was fabulous and of course it ends the way we all hoped it would, well those of us who are romantics. But my boy, JIM, has released his debut CD and I bought it tonight to support him, as well should support the openly gay entertainers and performers. HELLO!! They are representing us and we should do what we can to help them out.

Working in the gay community as an entertainer is amazing sometimes. I know from being very popular on the radio in Upstate NY and doing event after event and meeting people you have made laugh or cry. People who have taken the time out to send you an email to let you know how truly greatful they are for you just being you day after day or week after week on the radio. Its an amazing feeling being adored by people and being respected for being you and for just having fun with it.

Thank you to all those who have supported me for being me. I thank FLY92 for launching JJ GAY, well I mostly thank Brian, Ellen, and Big Ray. For believing in me and taking a chance when no one else would. They are still missed by the listeners of FLY, hopefully those big wigs realized what they let go. But again, Thanks to them for taking the risk they did and thanks to the people who listened every week and who supported JJ GAY through and through...

Hopefully its only on to bigger and...well nothing can be better then there love...
Simply nothing...

Sunday, May 22, 2005


I went to the KFOG (a radio station here in SF) KaBoom last night with Brian, Kelly, and Venis. The KaBoom is a huge free concert that starred the Wallflowers and ended at about 9pm with a HUGE, when I say BIG I mean BIG, fireworks display that went along with the music that the radio station played. It was an amazing show that blew me away. Things are always just done so much bigger in bigger cities, lord knows Upstate NY's fireworks looked like a light snack compared to the monster 7 course dinner that SF's fireworks supplied. Watching the fireworks and being in the state of awe, it sorta takes things and makes your mind put them into perspective as each light hits the thoughts race through your mind, as each explosion is set off, you discover something new or sad about yourself, it can be quite the discovering expierence. Of course I maybe looking way to much into, which more then likely I am but think about it just for a second...when your watching fireworks, what races through your mind, besides the general beauty thoughts of it, what else is there?

I told him that I wrote about him in my blog. I sent him an email of what was wrote in it. Im not sure how he will react but we will see. I have to be honest with him, its the best policy.

Havent heard back from Johnny in awhile, I hope all is well, I know he has been finishing up school but he apparently has just been to busy to call and say hi, hope he is okay...I miss him tremendously.

Lady Bunny and I chatted yesterday. She and I are both excited for Waterstock @ Waterworks coming up on June 3rd. She is also coming here to SF which is going to be a fabulous time towards the end of June, I cant wait to see her.

No other major thoughts or revelations, just that life is good right now. I cant wait to see everyone when I go home...Think about it everyday. All I know is that Jen, Kim, and I soooooo have a date with the cage at WW...HA!

Till next time...

Friday, May 20, 2005

To much

I sometimes feel like I talk about my life and myself to much. Im sure some of you get sick of it, but I only do it because Im sorta proud of what I have accomplished in my life. In no way am I saying I am better than anyone else, or that I deserve any more or any less then any of you but I guess sometimes its to much, to much as in the way people take me, or perceive me. There are people who consider me an inspiration and who consider my way of thinking honorable.

I receieved this email today. I will not disclose who sent it but it was just so moving I had to share:

I don't know if you really know how much I appreciate you as a friend. It's just that we've all been too busy this semester to really hang out and have some good talks.

You've taught me how to be stronger, Woody.. how not to let other people make you miserable. Don't get me wrong.. I'm still my shy sensitive self.. but seeing you and the way you remain so positive about life has taught me that I can't just waste my days away worrying about shit. Just gotta keep doing what you love and move on past the people that try and bring u down.

I'm a better person for that.. and I cannot thank you enough for how much your positive attitude has helped me. Your tough love may have hurt at times.. but you know what? I'm so happy to see life through yours and other eyes. It shows me just how lucky I actually am. So I've learned to suck it up and roll with the punches.


I don't mean to bring up bad memories.. but I need to be specific with you. I just feel like you deserve to be thanked for this... The whole situation that happened with ________. You were there for me. You listened to me cry on the phone and then you told me not to worry - told me to get over it and that I deserved more. You saw how blind I was, and you opened my eyes to who he really was and what he was doing to me.. You weren't afraid to tell me the facts... and thanks to you my relationship with __________ is so much better. I feel so empowered now. I know that I am strong with or without someone. If it doesnt work with him - then it's ok. There will always be tomorrow.. and there will always be my friends. I have learned to trust and to noT be afraid to communicate.... OK enough of that!

I live life in a whole new way thanks to u, darling. I really hope we can hang out a lot more this summer. I learn so much from you.. and I hope it never ends. ;D
You are one of the most beautiful people in the world, Woody. To me you're just another one of those angels sent down to show me and others just how beautiful life can be.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rosie O

Rosie O...
Best Blog around (Celebirty Blog that is!)



Home is where the heart is...
But what if you heart is in many different home.
Clarifying this statement...I mean my home is here...in the literal sense and in the
"heart sense" but my home is also in NY, because part of my heart lives there.

I miss NY.
Cant wait to visit-
Upstate NY.
Good ole Amsterdam, NY 12010
Or Albany, NY...dont know the zip

I adore it. Althought all I wanted was OUT when I was there, it truly serves as an inspiration for me. The support and love I feel whenever I am there is truly amazing. Though since I've left I have not kept in touch with as many people that I would like, being swamped all the time makes it hard to call everyone, though I do kinda feel ignored, seeing my phone isnt always ringing off the hook either. But, in the end it doesnt matter who calls who because still; I do feel a love for them still. I still do feel as though when I see them I can pick right back up where I left off.

I miss Jeff, my lil Vitamin man, we dont nearly talk as much as we used to or IM as much as we used to, clearly because we are both so busy, school and FT work here, and FT work and now boyfriend with him. There are obviously obstacles that keep us from talking more. But the connection I have with him, thats on a deeper level, keeps me attached. I know at anytime I can call him, chat with him, and get the loving advice he is always ready to give, or the laughs I enjoy, or the conversation you have as if I was your next door neighbor you ran into in the hallway. Jeff just got manager at his store, he takes over June 1st...Im proud of you kid, All my love.

My roommate told me he is making dinner a week for Sunday for a bunch of us in honor or me moving in. Like one big happy family...ahh how nice it is to hear that again.

Family. I love it.

W & W

Work is such a nessecary evil. Most of us will work 40 hours and then some every single week of our lives for the rest of our lives just to get by. To make sure the bills are paid, to make sure we have food in our mouths, to make sure our families are taken care of. Its incredible to me just how backwards society is today. Mostly because of the fabulous president we have who would rather see the richer get rich and the poorer get well poorer...I mean lets look at the facts people. We have a record high deficit now in the US that has happened over the past 5 years, when just 5 years ago our society economically was the best it has ever been at. Baby Bush has made a huge social decline in the unemployment rate and in peoples perception of what our govt does for us. Why on a daily basis are we questioning where our money goes and if they are taking so much for "taxes" how come we as citizens of the US are not reeping the benefits that citizens of other countries get. How about unified health care...jesus you know how much we pay for that every month and in other countries they get it just because they are a ciizen of that country.

I wonder often about where we will be in a few years from now, I fear the worst is yet to come, we thought 9-11 was horrible, I think we are honestly headed to an even worse time. Though I care about my life and those of every citizen in this country, I worry most about those who work and dedicate there lives for us and for a gov't that is so greedy and contrived. They do what they do for freedom and they dont even realize they are helping destroy the very thing they are fighting for.

I pray for the soliders who risk there lives for me and I pray for Baby Bush to wake up and realize what this country needs...Unification NOT Segregation!

I think we would get along...If I wasnt a liberal gay democrat!


Star Wars was visually amazing....The acting could of been a hell of alot better but visually it was superb. The sum up of the story worked in all aspects and I enjoyed the Yoda fight scenes once again...Go see it, come on, I mean it IS the last one, its well worth it...

To you, you may only be one person, but to someone else, you maybe everything they need. I enjoy you, your company, your humor, your silence, your eyes, your smile, your voice, your laugh, I enjoy the way you say somethings cute, I enjoy your realism, I enjoy our talks, I enjoy the things that you dont get to see often enough in people...Feelings are harsh and real...Im to afraid of them.
In due time I will tell you...

In due time...
But for now, you may not be ready for them, and I cant handle that rejection...
When its meant, its meant.

Let the force be with you...till next time ;O)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So I turned down the internship at the Film Arts Foundation today for a number of reason but reasons I do not want to discuss...Its just better this way.

So today was my last class...Im all done...My first year of film school is over with. It amazes me that its almost a year since I moved here to San Francisco. Doesnt really seem like it but it obviously is. I really have fallen in love with SF, yes there was a point where I wasnt happy but it wasnt here that made me unhappy it was myself and the loneliness I felt after returning from NY, where I was constantly around people I loved, where here I had a hard time making quality friends, ones who didnt talk bad about me, ones who didnt judge me, ones who respected me and vice versa. I believe theres good in all people, hence why I get hurt most of the time. I discovered alot about people I was hanging around with out around here. I learned I was comprimising who I was to fit in, when all I have ever done was be myself and not give a shit of what anyone thought.

No more pretending...
No more lying...
No more of them!

I did it because I had to...I still talk to some of them and I do like all of them as individuals, but together, its ridiculous, judging others, being "bitches", was apparently what it was all about. I to will be the first to say Im not perfect. I have my faults. Im not beautiful. I dont have perfect skin, or teeth, or hair. I have my issues just like everyone else in the world...
But the differences is, I embrace my differences and accept them for and as of part of who I am, where they judge others instead of accepting others for who they are.

I love me. I can honestly say that. First time in my life I've been able to...I wonder if they can say the same...

Till next time...
See you NYers in 11 days!! :O)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Wow, talk about being creatively tired...how about 9 straight hours of critiques of student short films...it was final film presentation day and it was seriously exhausting...I am impressed by the work that comes from my collegues but some of it is just trash. I mean lets be real, if after 15 weeks you still cant grasp reverse angles you will NOT make it in this business. You have to pick it up quick and get the basic concepts to really be good at this. I find myself picking up alot better then I thought I would. I can still honestly say I have to learn alot more to really get a grasp on the filmmaking world but I am definitly on my way there.

My film was shown several times over the past couple of weeks and the reactions I got were overall good. I had a student tell me she thought it was a very moving piece which is exactly what I wanted. For someone to feel something from the ART you make is exactly what you mean to do. I did my best on my film and thats all I can ever say, nothing more, nothing less.

I decided Im going to do a fun little project and shoot a mini short documentary on myself and my life in NY when I go home for the few days Im going for. I am excited by this because my friends here can see my friends from home and see what its like for me there, so in the sense of real world I will be followed, completely uncensored...
Should be fun!

Im off to Tower to check out some new CD's with Paul...Hes a fabulous roomie...Tata!

Monday, May 16, 2005


So I'm just chatting with one of the best friend I could ever ask for, Blanche aka George...and we were discussing a day where we sat around, watched movies, and ate all day, we had some fabulous people with us, and it literally was one of the funniest days ever, not doing much, just being together and enjoying one another company. These events make you truly realize who your friends are. Not having to impress or "be on" and having people truly enjoy being around you...its inspiring and at the same time its meaningful. Moments I will forever remember and cherish. Thank you guys, you know who you are...you take my belief in miracles to a whole new level in just being you, friends I could never replace.

This is posted on the CDGLCC website...check it out for more details about Albany Pride '05!


Come out and enjoy an evening with Peter, David and crew celebrating Pride Week. Dance the night away reliving the Woodstock era. The evening will feature Lady Bunny and will be hosted by JJ Gay. The last time Lady Bunny joined the crew at Waterworks they sold out, so be sure to get your tickets in advance! Must be at least 21 years old with photo ID to attend.
10 PM. $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Waterworks Pub, 76 Central Ave., Albany, NY

See you all there...

Until next time...MUAH!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Watching Roseanne...What a fabulous show. Something so wrong about how interesting this family is, the white trash aspect is so appealing to me as a viewer, partically because in a way I think the Connors are like most family, unique qualities that each member of the family has. I miss the Connors...

Im finally feeling somewhat settled. I am pretty much unpacked but I just have so much stuff that its hard to find a place for everything when you move into a room ,no matter how big it is. I adore the new place. The room is very large, with high ceilings, the walls are a peach color with green trim. Its quite cute. Im up online and having cable again is a blessing, how could I have been living without the food network, ABC, the WB, and BRAVO!!

Only a few weeks till I come home for a few days, I really cant wait. I miss my friends from NY in a way that I cant quite explain. I encourage you guys to come visit, so lets chat!

Im off to bed, only 3 days left of classes...WOOHOO!! My sketching class is over after 2morrow...Thank god! I want this semester to be over...

OHHH I forgot to tell you guys, I had the interview for an internship for the summer at the Film Arts Foundation here in SF, an organization that helps new and upcoming filmmakers financially and otherwise to make films, they offer classes and workshops, and thrive on its members. I got called Friday after luckily enough running into the director as the conclusion of my interview on Thursday, who apparently fell in love with me, and offered me the spot on friday! YAY! So something else to look forward to...
So far...
June 2nd-7th - Back to NY
June 3rd - Waterstock at Waterworks...Hosted by JJ Gay with special appearence by Lady Bunny!
June 11th - GLAAD Media Awards...VIP style!
July 4th - Santa Cruz Trip
August 27th- My 24th Birthday and WICKED LIVE!!

New Chapter...New Journal

So today I will officially be living in my new home, I found an amazing space with 2 guys who are exactly what I can deal with on a regular basis and 2 guys that are clearly going to be some great friends. Brad and Paul are both professional older (NOT OLD, just older then me) who have clearly had there share of lifes twists and turns, but remain focused and strong minded as well as caring, I move in today.

I was setting up my room and moving stuff in yesterday and I just felt so at piece, it just hasnt been like that for me here in the past couple of months. When I was home for break I really did realize just how much I missed everyone there, so coming back after being there for 6 weeks...well it wasnt so easy. But here I sit last night, on my new bed, in my new home, realizing just how much I have going for me. It wasnt until Paul said something to me about being "an inspiration to his friends" that made me realize this. Paul has friends who have HIV. They consider me an inspiration because apparently my story gives them hope for the good in life. I almost burst into tears when he told me this and I really was touched.

My mother and I had a cryfest last week on the phone for related reason. She finally told me how proud she was of me, something that didnt often enough come out of her mouth. It felt good to hear that from her, it felt good that she realized all I have overcome to be where I am at. I thank her now for being an inspiration to me, to be something I can and will never be, she is a good person with alot of bad things in her life. I pray for her when I go to church, I pray she feels better physically and most importantly mentally, hopefully she will one day be the mom I loved to cook with, go grocery shopping with, or just sit and talk with...one day.

I decided to start a new blog because of this new chapter I feel I am starting with moving. This new location will inturn open new doors for me for meeting new people, seeing new places, and expierening new things...so heres to the chapter of 755 14th street!

Till next time...All of it!