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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Never forget...

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Our world
but changing!!

Article #....

Society’s crashing Ladder: Where will you be when it crumbles?
By Johnathan “Woody” Woodbeck

What kind of car do you drive? Are those Prada? How much do you make? Any of these questions sound familiar? Maybe it’s because you have either asked them recently or been asked them. If you have been asked them, they you are in my camp, one full of remorse for what this “gay society” of ours is becoming or should I say HAS become. Driven predominantly on how a person looks, what they are wearing, how white are their smile, how big are their muscles, and how much money they make; the tragic beings we once mocked are exactly what we are all turning into. I am not counting myself out; I am occasionally finding myself falling into the West Hollywood curse of accepting these things, these standards as “normal” behavior. Well who exactly is defining this so-called normal behavior and who says I want to be normal if this is the way it is. I am so over our society, who to the rest of the world that isn’t gay, are constantly defending who we are, what we do, and our entire existence on a daily basis then in our sad but true fashion we do a 180 and start tearing into one another and bringing our own gay social ladder to the ground. As we beg for the world to become more tolerant of who we are we continue to attack our own people and berate them for doing just that. You know what I am talking about; the snickers and turn of heads as two older men walk by holding hands dressed in khaki target shorts with Hawaiian print short sleeve button down shirts walk past you in the heart of Boyztown, or how about a group of transsexuals walk by and one of you shout, “Nice heals”, or when a big man is out in a club and you laugh as he tries to find his way to the bar as people try to find there way around him. You have done it, I have done it; we all have done it. I am not a gloried gay; I just know my flaws and embrace them. I accept them and make them apart of who I am and I grow stronger everyday because of it. I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of having Gastric bypass this July and I have lost over 300 pounds. Now someone the other night said to me, “you know that really deep down inside the reason you did it was because of society, you can’t be gay and fat…” and for a split second, a moment, a fraction, I realized he was right. I immediately wanted to say “NO WAY!” but I couldn’t if I did I would have been a liar. Granted the surgery for me was the best thing ever to happen, it honestly and truthfully saved my life and without it I probably wouldn’t be in California living and doing what I have always dreamed of doing, sadly I would probably be back in Upstate NY selling cell phones…still. But deep down in side, I knew the major reason I did the surgery was my serious and life threatening health issues but couldn’t deny that since the surgery I have been dating more, hooking up more, making out more; I mean I just lost my virginity just 1 ½ years ago and I’m 24. It has become incredibly easy for me to meet guys now and get to know them. So I stood there stunned, defending myself and my decision to have the surgery and stopped. There is no need for justification of this matter. I know no matter what some random guy in the bar says to me, personally I did what had to be done. Enough said! The point I am trying to get to is that what ever happened to just practicing what w preach; you do you; I do me. You want to live your life however you want to live it then do so. All I ask is that along the way, think before you speak, if you feel like you can talk smack be ready to back it up to people like me who will call you on it and back it up to yourself. Think about what you have to be proud of, think back to how you treat those around you, Karma is a bitch that has a lethal bite. This is it, my chance to stand out and say it “No these are not Prada, I make just enough to pay for all of my student loans and car payment, and I drive a 2002 Jeep Liberty that needs a wash; if you got a problem with any of that, get to stepping, just make sure its not under my ladder!”

Monday, June 19, 2006

How To Get The Guy!? Have they done it!?

So maybe it's because it kept me employed for several months and I met some of the greatest people I know while working on this show in San Francisco, but HOW TO GET THE GUY, ABC's new summer docusoap reality dating show finally fills a little bit of my Sex-in-the-City-a-holic void that has been craving for it's next fix. Since working on How To Get The Guy may sway my judgment of the quality, so to speak, of the show; I wanted to really watch it with an outsiders "reality" point of view. Sinking my teeth into the girls stories on an individual level and an desperately seeking and acknowledging the underlying LOVE story these girls were creating for us...with slight help from an amazing group of producers. Were these girls really seeking love? Though only episode 2 has just aired as I write this article, I am seriously enjoying watching these girls put the advice of the at some points lackluster Love Coaches to good use, now don't get me wrong I enjoy the idea of the LC's but from time to time...I just say why!? I go from Woody seeking another Martini to Woody tragically seeking the point to these needless tidbits from the LC's. Not sure why I ask why to the advice they are handing out, but I just do. But to defend the LC's boastful and at times desperate pieces of advice; Anne, Michelle, Kris, and Alissa all slowly but surely realize just how NOT so easy the simplest things are. Eye contact, slight touches, interesting and carrying conversation, lots of laughter, and good dinner etiquette really play a huge role in the chemistry between two people on a date. All these rules apply to me as well, though I seek dates with other men, I do follow the same guidelines, yet somehow on my show, I get laid quite a bit more...Interesting huh?! So about each of the girls: Anne, the girl next door, seems timid but fun. Anne seems to be the "real" one out of the group honestly probably signing up for this show to maybe find love, who knows if she does but I am sure America will be rooting for her along the way. Kris, the saucy yet most of the time sauced Asian goddess reminds me a lot of the straight girls I know in San Francisco. Sweet, caring, willing to fall in love but sometimes feeling the need for a liquid confidence boost to help with there self esteem issues. Kris has yet to see her full potential as a slayer in the world of dating. Now my yoga master Alissa knows the way to a mans heart...Massages; kidding, her laughter, its simply infectious to everyone around her including her dates. They almost seem in awe that someone so averagely pretty can also be so cheery and funny. Alissa makes me want to go bend myself into awkward positions in hopes that the hottie I drool over in my weekly Yoga class smiles at me and doesn't run away in seer horror. Finally, my homegirl Michelle, the hard ass. Come on, admit it, everyone wants to call her a bitch? But why really; because she knows what she wants, because she's successful, because deep down in side you know she maybe like you; hurt once, hurt twice, and carefully trying to open her heart to a guy who will be gentle to it and with it.

Honestly and truly the more I watch my girls develop who they are, opening there hearts and souls up to meeting new people "outside there comfort zone" I get more and more of a refreshing new feeling from How To Get The Guy. Though most of the readers may say, "Hey, gay dude, we get it, you love straight girls, you love romance, of course you're gone like this show!" Well I say, as nicely as possible; "SIT ON A FAT ONE!", just make sure it's in front of your TV on a Monday night at 10 pm, invite 5-10 of your friends to watch ABC's new hit HOW TO GET THE GUY! Take a chance, you may just happen to fall in LOVE with this show!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just cause...

You know you love this shit...


"How to Get the Guy" airs Monday nights on ABC at 10 p.m. This Monday, there will be a viewing party of episode No. 2 at the Velvet Lounge in North Beach (443 Broadway) at 9 p.m., featuring appearances by all four stars of the show. Proceeds will benefit ROCK -- Real Options for City Kids (rocksf.org)



My girl Michelle from ABC's new dating docusoap style reality show HOW TO GET THE GUY, sent me this link, its an article on the new show, really showing that this show isn't about the show, its about honestly and whole heartedly helping the girls find LOVE and as the show says...not just a guy...BUT THE GUY

How To Get The Guy is on ABC, Monday nights @ 10 pm!!
Watch it not only because its a great show, but umm duh, I worked on it too!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

3 years...almost

Tomorrow will mark 1 month till my 3 year anniversary of my Gastric bypass surgery which I had on July 18th, 2003. Hard to believe that 3 years have passed by but also how much my life is different now. Change has taken ahold of my life for the better. Showed me the true meaning of life, showed me life was okay to live and I could just be me and live my LIFE! My surgery not only saved my life physically, now 305 pds lighter, but emotionally and mentally I am a new free spirit and person. My heart consumed with love for myself and those around me. I honestly can say I love the people in my life. All of them have been such an incredible influence on who I am today. If I wasn't lucky enough to have people like Bri, Kristen, Jenn, Sare, Doneen, Jackie, Paul, Brad, I mean I could honestly go on forever...who would I be without them; without you. Each individual has added something to who I am, to my heart, that if you took that small piece away, I wouldn't ever be the same. I thank all of them and you for providing me through rough and not so rough times the joy of knowing I have love in all of you and I have friends who care about me more then I could ever know.

My life
day by day
accepting I am
to it
feel it
embrace it
heart it
thank you!

Repost...June 05

What are we afraid of as humans when it comes to change? Change comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes and differs from person to person but for some reason we all have a similar reaction to it. At first we are afraid, timid, or struck by this so called change but it’s at this point where we decide where we go from here. We either embrace the change or it ceases to affect us and we continue on with our lives. My question about change comes about for many different reasons but the main reason being why don’t those who want change, or need change, to better there current situation, why don’t they take it and run. Why NOT embrace it and change for this better. You’d be happier; you’d experience new things, or is that the problem? Are you afraid of these things, are you afraid of feeling new feelings and experiencing new experiences. Well don’t be. Life is not glorified without it, life can not and will not be fulfilled for you until you take these changes and morph them into exactly what you need to make your life worth living. Life is too short to leave change behind. Open the book and turn the pages, write your own story, make your own movie, and open your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul to this world, to this change, and you will forever be just that…changed."

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



This is a good friend of mine Stephen's Blog...We met while doing HTGTG in San Fran and instantly caught the Gay bond as only the gays can do...He's a sweet guy and quite the looka...HA!
He was the semi-quiet but funny and interesing type gay..
where well I was the in your face, pink wearing, smile bearing, sing you a musical type gay!

Much love Boo...Come visit soon!

PS: Treasure Hunters premieres this SUNDAY JUNE 18th on NBC!! WATCH IT!!


"CSI: Miami" completed the CBS sweep at 10 p.m. with a 9.0/15, the night's top rating. The debut of ABC's "How to Get the Guy" scored a 3.2/5, and NBC's Stanley Cup contest came in at 2.8/5.

Looks like a decent start...

Monday Nights
10 pm


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back and Bad as ever

She's Back Bitches!


Fox News FINALLY has something to be PROUD of!


Kinda loving this Video and song...

Monday, June 12, 2006


Often in the past several years of my life I have met many celebrities, some were incredible, where others were how do Brad and Paul say it...NSM (Not so much!); but all in all being the HOLLYWOOD dork that I am, it is ALWAYS a treat to meet them no matter how they act. I have recently become very good friends with Nick Verreos from Project Runway 2, who the more and more I get to know, the more and more we both realize we may have been seperated at birth. He is truly an incredible spirit who I adore being around. His BF David was with him this weekend in SF for the 17th Annual GLAAD Media awards and just when I thought you couldn't get nicer or near as sweet and nice as Nick, I met David, so accepting of Nick's new life and understanding of others and those who adore Nick, it truly gave me hope for a relationship and LOVE like theres, hoping that one day I'd find the same! Thanks to David and Nick for an incredible weekend in SF, I look forward to many more to come...and I never mind playing "Talent Escort" for people I so truly adore!
Here's a pic of Nick and I a the DOT LGBT Magazine Launch Party we appeared at in WEST HOLLYWOOD's HERE Lounge!
Check out Nick's online Blogspot at http://nickverrreos.blogspot.com/
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Sunday, June 11, 2006


So since moving to LA I hadn't been back to San Francisco but recently have been there the past couple of weekends. Once was for casting for Top Chef 2 which is rapidly approaching, which went well besides the fact that I got good poisioning from a food tasting, ironic huh!?

Anyways, I went back on Monday of this week and returned to SF on Thurday for the 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards which were held on Satuday June 10th at the Marriot hotel. I had a simply incredible time. I got to see my dear former roomies Paul and Brad who of course when we are together, we pick up right where we left off. For people around us, they cant believe that we have only known each other for a little over a year, it truly seems like a lifetime, I am so blessed to have the relationship I do with them, Nick from PR2 described them as "My 2 Gay Dads" and they are just that. Nick and his BF David arrived in town on Friday and since I was working and volunteeting my time with GLAAD and with Nick for the awards I prepared him by saying it was my weekend to take him out and about so be prepared...and oh hunny did he ever underestimate me! Friday after we went shopping at H&M and B,P, and I helped stuff the VIP gift bags; we were treated to an incredible dinner at LIME in the Castro where Chef Sharon made a fabulous meal that blew us away!! Then headed off to Daddys for a few drinks followed by the Mix and then of course home to bed, knowing full well Saturday would be a long day, which it was, but so enjoyable. Brad, Paul, and I were all celebrity escorts which made the evening that much more fun, getting to dress up and enjoy the company of some incredible people! I had the privelege of chatting with the creators of Queer as Folk, Dan and Ron who truly blew me away, such an honor to meet people who with a show changed my life and then also gave me hope for a future of directing and producing LGBT shows that can and will be successful.
Along with meeting them, they introduced me to Sharon Gless who played Debbie on Queer As folk...truly a kind hearted spirit who said when I become successful I better cast her in something...CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!???
I could go on for days about the incredible time I had this weekend but the point of it would be that this stuff happens to those who deserve it, to those who don't give up hope, know they are meant to do something special and to be who they are and people will love them none the less...I finally am starting to believe I am one of those people. Life hasn't stopped amazing me and as it goes day by day, I grow more and more, I learn more and more, and love more and more. One day my dreams will all be accomplished and to say that means the world...
Some pics for your enjoyment...
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Brad, Paul, and I at the 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco!
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Red Carpet with David, Nick V from Project Runway 2, Carson from Queer Eye, and I
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Megan Mullaly Hosting the awards show
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Eserie, openly gay football player of the Greenbay Packers and I
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Casey, the National Volunteer Manager and myself looking dapper!
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This is Carson and I after the next pic...
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I said to Carson...I want to take a pic...and this is what happened...FAIR WARNING!

**This is another picture from the GLAAD Awards and its truly one that gets its own posting and own story. In this picture are the creators of Queer as Folk, Dan and Ron, who were incredible to me the entire evening, remembering my name, introducing me to people who they worked with and of course to the incredible Sharon Gless who played Debbie on the show. I have to say, its things like this that I have a hard time explaining my feelings on. QAF changed my life, I came out to my parents in a large regard to that show and I became comfortable in being myself in watching these characters grow and love. In addition to that, it gives me hope that one day, I can create a show that will redefine the time and change peoples opinions on the LGBT community and help us grow even further into being equal citizens in this country. This picture is a dream come true...again...is this my life?
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My life
my life
my dream