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Monday, June 19, 2006

How To Get The Guy!? Have they done it!?

So maybe it's because it kept me employed for several months and I met some of the greatest people I know while working on this show in San Francisco, but HOW TO GET THE GUY, ABC's new summer docusoap reality dating show finally fills a little bit of my Sex-in-the-City-a-holic void that has been craving for it's next fix. Since working on How To Get The Guy may sway my judgment of the quality, so to speak, of the show; I wanted to really watch it with an outsiders "reality" point of view. Sinking my teeth into the girls stories on an individual level and an desperately seeking and acknowledging the underlying LOVE story these girls were creating for us...with slight help from an amazing group of producers. Were these girls really seeking love? Though only episode 2 has just aired as I write this article, I am seriously enjoying watching these girls put the advice of the at some points lackluster Love Coaches to good use, now don't get me wrong I enjoy the idea of the LC's but from time to time...I just say why!? I go from Woody seeking another Martini to Woody tragically seeking the point to these needless tidbits from the LC's. Not sure why I ask why to the advice they are handing out, but I just do. But to defend the LC's boastful and at times desperate pieces of advice; Anne, Michelle, Kris, and Alissa all slowly but surely realize just how NOT so easy the simplest things are. Eye contact, slight touches, interesting and carrying conversation, lots of laughter, and good dinner etiquette really play a huge role in the chemistry between two people on a date. All these rules apply to me as well, though I seek dates with other men, I do follow the same guidelines, yet somehow on my show, I get laid quite a bit more...Interesting huh?! So about each of the girls: Anne, the girl next door, seems timid but fun. Anne seems to be the "real" one out of the group honestly probably signing up for this show to maybe find love, who knows if she does but I am sure America will be rooting for her along the way. Kris, the saucy yet most of the time sauced Asian goddess reminds me a lot of the straight girls I know in San Francisco. Sweet, caring, willing to fall in love but sometimes feeling the need for a liquid confidence boost to help with there self esteem issues. Kris has yet to see her full potential as a slayer in the world of dating. Now my yoga master Alissa knows the way to a mans heart...Massages; kidding, her laughter, its simply infectious to everyone around her including her dates. They almost seem in awe that someone so averagely pretty can also be so cheery and funny. Alissa makes me want to go bend myself into awkward positions in hopes that the hottie I drool over in my weekly Yoga class smiles at me and doesn't run away in seer horror. Finally, my homegirl Michelle, the hard ass. Come on, admit it, everyone wants to call her a bitch? But why really; because she knows what she wants, because she's successful, because deep down in side you know she maybe like you; hurt once, hurt twice, and carefully trying to open her heart to a guy who will be gentle to it and with it.

Honestly and truly the more I watch my girls develop who they are, opening there hearts and souls up to meeting new people "outside there comfort zone" I get more and more of a refreshing new feeling from How To Get The Guy. Though most of the readers may say, "Hey, gay dude, we get it, you love straight girls, you love romance, of course you're gone like this show!" Well I say, as nicely as possible; "SIT ON A FAT ONE!", just make sure it's in front of your TV on a Monday night at 10 pm, invite 5-10 of your friends to watch ABC's new hit HOW TO GET THE GUY! Take a chance, you may just happen to fall in LOVE with this show!

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Anonymous said...

I was holding out for you Woody, why do you think I kept saying NO! xo, Michelle (aka The Career Girl)