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Monday, July 31, 2006

Project Runway Ep. 3

Like every other American that doesn't live under a rock; I am incredibly in love with this season of Project Runway. The designers are such characters that not only do they keep the viewers enthralled through there designs and work and the concepts of Project Runway keep us watching week after week, over and over again. On this weeks episode of Runway, the designers learn they will have to make a design for there model and a matching (or nearly) design for the hottest fashion accessory around...A cute little doggie. I, like most of you, have a HUGE weak spot for cute, little, adorable, cuddleable doggies and was super excited about seeing what the designers would come up with. With watching the episode of course, I could of bet money on the fact that Bradley would be heading home and sadly enough doing so on his birthday. But towards the end and after seeing the other designers pieces, I started to lean towards the complete opposite and really make me wonder who would be Aud'f off this week. Anyone else wondering what the F was up with Keith and his Doggie Design...you made that sash? NO YOU DIDNT!! Heidi called you out and proved that you were full of IT!!
Anyways...Can I just take a moment and express how much I love Tim Gunn. As opinionated mentor to the designers, he is caring and honest all at once, he tells the designers like it is and doesn't bite his tongue, he wants them to succeed. I enjoy his "Carry on" and "Make it work" as much as I do a good Rum & Coke, which is a lot. I can possibly go out on a limb and admit I have a slight man crush on Mr. Gunn. I have probably lost half of my readers right now going on and on with my older man fetish, so let me get back to this weeks review.
The models take the runway and one by one as always the designs for this week stroll out. My favorites were of course Jeffrey, Robert, and Alison, who I was extremely disappointed that she did not win. Her design was simply flawless and seemed to have much more passion behind it then Uli's. Let me briefly chat about Uli, though she maybe a good designer, she lacks something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but she just doesn't seem to be as sellable as the others, maybe it's because I can never take her seriously when she talks, that accent drives me CRAZY!! Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against foreigners, believe me my friends call me the "Gay United Nations", I just feel she lacks an incredibly important human quality that is so very much so needed to be a designer that people want to buy from. But it's still very early and I am sure I will fall in love with her just like every other gay man that watches this show. Okay so my least favorites, were Katherine, Keith, and Angela. Sidebar about Angela, we met through her brother who I am friends with and I thought she was darling, but her designs are just so out there, I just was at a loss for what she was thinking this week and WHY did her model look so much like her and the way she was dressed!!??
So the winner this week was Uli, again I was VERY disappointed by this feeling very strongly that Alison deserved to win.
As always, watch again next week where the biggest dramatic moment ever happens and is well worth seeing!!!
Now for my favorite part, here is the quote of the week:
"That is a hot looking mama to work with kids, belly out, boobies out, DAMN!" - Heidi Klum
Till next week..."Stay Focused and STAY FABULOUS!" MUCH LOVE!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Project Runway Ep. 2

Sorry it took me a little bit to finally watch Episode 2 and blog about it for all of you but I have been a weebit busy with production on Top Chef 2. Before I get into my review, make sure you check out Bravotv.com and read "Rucker's Blog"; it's a behind the scenes look at Project Runway from a producers stand point, its really interesting to read for those of you who are always wondering what goes on behind the camera and why the producers never speak out when contestants do...Ehh Zulema...well worth the read...

Okay, so Episode 2, Miss America Tara Connor is the special guest judge and asks the designers to create a dress for her to wear to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant she will be competing in this upcoming weekend. (Keep an eye out on Nancy O'dell's dress, Nick V from Runway 2 designed it!!) NOW if you all watched last weeks episode you will already have thought the same thing I did; KAYNE WILL WIN! This amazing designer does this shit for a living and it serves right that he would design something some amazing which he DID and that he would win, WHICH HE DID!! So Congrats to Kayne with the help of Gym Bunny Robert Best.

Okay, I have to just come out and say it. I am so over 2 things on this season already. Number 1 being VINCENT!! How dare he go out on that runway and say such horrible things about Angela and say how she made this a "nightmare" experience for him when all the time they , well him, were working on the gown, he wouldn't even let her go near him let alone touch it. Oh and then he says "I need you to move back 3 feet"; for me that would of been hit, my heels would of come off, there go my hoops earring, I done turned my rings around, and would of knocked that mother f'er on his ass. Teamwork Vincent teamwork...Look up the meaning you douche! Secondly, I am so over Keith Michael, pompous, arrogant, and just plain douchtastic, he seems to just get in over his head and pretend like he really knows what he is doing, well you don't Keith, in fact I think Malan's dress was MUCH better than yours anyday!

Speaking of which, my boy Malan was voted off this week. I have to say after the first episode I found Malan to be sweet yet intense and of course like all designers on this show competitive. Never once did I think he was a jerk, or rude, or mean to any of the other designers like this board bloggers are writing about. Malan is very passionate about his work, so much so it brings him to tears, how many of you out there can say you believe so much in something or have so much passion about something that it brings you to tears, probably little to none of you. Malan's dress may have been overdone but it was NO WHERE NEAR horrible. I was sad to see him go and will hopefully see a lot more of him in the future. Best to you Malan, my hat is tipped and I wish you the best, and yes darling, the show must go on.

WAIT! I almost forgot, how sad at first I was when I heard someone was sitting in for Michael Koor's who I ADORE, but hello...VERA WANG! WOW! That is the power of Project Runway, such an incredible designer taking part in this show really shows how seriously this show is being taken.

Okay and to finish this weeks blog I have to end with this bit of conversation between Robert and Kayne...QUOTE OF THE SEASON THUS FAR!!
"Robert, we bought 4 millions pounds of Rhinestones, we will glue them on this dress until our fingernails bleed!"
"I'm just say girl, she's a beauty queen, NOT a disco ball!"

LOVES IT, MEANS IT! Till next week...Happy watching!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A moment

Hey guys! So sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. We have just started shooting for the 2nd and exciting season of Top Chef and I have been slammed with long work days and little amounts of sleep...Ahhh the life of production. I am very excited to be apart of the show that I have been apart of from the beginning and really see the show grow, from ratings to the kitchen. I have been lucky enough to form some friendships with cast members of season 1 and recently got to chat with winner Harold...Who is working his ass off (a nice one at that ha) to open his restaurant this fall in NYC called Perilla so keep an eye out for that. (picture above was taken in Vegas moments after Harold won!!)

Also so you fans of my blog know, I have yet to watch this weeks Project Runway episode so of course stayed tuned for my review of that. Though very exciting news that I have yet to talk about...Ratings for Project Runway 3 are through the roof...it's all very exciting for everyone apart of it and we hope for continued and growing success of the show.

Wish the peeps at Runway the best of luck...The EMMY's are on Aug. 27th...which could be a good sign seeing it's my birthday.

Anyways, of course stay tuned for more of my blogger notes and reviews.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project Runway Ep. 1

Okay okay, So by popular demand I have decided to do a weekly blogger review of the new amazing season of Project Runway. I will state right off the bat, that even though I work for the production company behind this amazing show, I do NOT know anything about it, I don't know who gets the boot when, who the finalists are, etc...so DONT even think I have inside information because I don't. I don't want to know because I, like many of you, am a HUGE fan of the show. FINALLY...15 new, talented, exciting, and fabulous designers are fighting for the opportunity of a lifetime and chance for stardom. Though with the show doing so well and now re-airing on network giant and owner of Bravo; NBC, Runway may attract an even larger audience and soon take over the world, well not really but in a producers dream world, it would happen.

Episode 1 begins with all 15 designers meeting for the first time at the Beautiful ATLAS apartments in NYC. After all the designers are introduced to the audience and to each other, they all realize they have a letter, which leads to there trip to join Heidi and Tim on the rooftop of the ATLAS building for some bubbly! On a slight sidebar, is it just me or has Tim Gunn really accepted his gayness and now seem like a screaming queen...DESIGNERS has never sounded gayer! HA, though I have to admit, I kinda have a man-crush on him. Okay so then it hits, BOOM, the first challenge, INNOVATION: Use anything and everything in your apartment to make a garment from...YOUR TIME STARTS NOW!

Off the 15 hopefuls run to there assigned apartments to tear apart everything. I felt like I was watching a WWE No Holds Barred match; these bitches didn't give a shit what they were tearing apart. From the curtains, to the beds, placemat, lamp shades, anything and everything was up for grabs. There is just something so different about this years 15 hopefuls, maybe with all of the success of the 2nd season, they are already bringing there A game compared to last season where it took a few challenges before the stuff got to be pretty rockstar!

So here it is, to the best of my ability, with being as nice as possible in some cases, I figured I'd give you my one word association about each cast member keeping it simple and short:
Keith- sketchy
Angela- Unique
Michael- Off-the-chain
Alison- Classic
Jeffrey- Kinda-HOTT!
Laura- Flawless
Malan- Intriguing
Bradley- Hy-F'N-sterical!
Uli- Perfectionist
Katherine- Street-savy
Vincent- Tragic with a side of Hy-F'N-sterical!
Bonnie- Elegant
Stacy- Yikes!
Robert- GRRRR!! (Come on now, he's funny to and cute!)

So, after some fabulous hair and makeup, the models take the runway for the first walk of the season. Judges are set, designers are set, as the designs come down the runway. Now I am not going to comment about each design but wanted to point out my 3 favorites are; Laura's amazing Jacket, so elegant and charming, though the leaves were a little much, it brought the piece together nicely. Robert Best's cute little dress looked flawless with the low back and the red ribbon around the waist, just so cute, though very Barbie esq. though I am sure he will hear that a lot through out the season. And of course I loved Kayne's piece, just so elegant and well made, something he is good at and it showed. Right off the bat, I am pulling for him. Though I also am very excited about Michael Knight, finally a HOTT black man from ATL here to represent and prove that straight dudes can make good clothes to...LOVES IT!

All in all the first episode kept me laughing and interested the entire time, it's of course well cut and shot and the peeps behind this show know there shit...Keep it up, I can't wait till next week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I met a gentlemen by the name of Kristian when I was working on ABC's fallen reality dating series HOW TO GET THE GUY and we instantly fell in love. Well actually I fell in love, he has a wife, but whatever. Kristian is an amazing photographer and I have always found his photography to be very powerful and at times breathtaking. I wanted to share this one he recently shared with me from his trip to London, its a piece of the Berlin Wall that is located outside Imperial War Museum. Once again, the simplest of pictures becomes a work of art...Thanks Kristian for making me smile; humanity is real.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Club Woodrina

Often times my friends will ask me "What are you listening to?" or "What's the hott song out right now?"; this is mostly because of my background in Radio and because I have a fine tuned ear to what is good music and what isn't. Now granted I may have a completely different taste then most people but when it comes to what's HOTT and what's blazing up the radio or blasting off on your ITUNES...I know it!
I thought I'd put together my hott top ten playlist of the summer...Check it out and if you want even download the songs of I-Tunes...Let me know whatcha think!?

Club Woodrina Hott List - Summer 2006
1. Beyonce feat. Jay-Z "Deja Vu" - They done did it again! B and J have once again made a hit that you cant just help but shake your ass to. To top it all off, Beyonce has gotten herself a 12 piece all girls band that will make for a powerful combo on her album and on the road.

2. Justin Timberlake "Sexyback" - You can listen to this brand-new track via my MYSPACE page (myspace.com/woody827), but my boy JT has done it again. With help from Timbaland, this fresh hott new track is sure to be blowing up the charts and your Itunes...Don't forget to bring your SEXYBACK! HOLLA!

3. Christina Aguilera "Ain't No Other Man" - Maybe it's because I have a serious weak spot for this girl's voice, but this could be one of the best songs of her career. Ms. Dirrty herself brilliantly blends a old school jazz sound with the hippest of the hip lyrics and sounds of today...YOU GO GIRL!!

4. Mary J Blige "ONE" - This song features U2 and after the amazing version of it that Mary did with Elliot on the American Idol Finale that made the hair on my arms stand up, it was a given that this would make the list.

5. Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" - Come on now! You know when you hear this song, something comes over your body, your hips start to go from side to side, you mouth the words, and you feel the Gnarls effect taking over...LOVES IT!

6. Pussycat Dolls "BEEP" - Here they go again, our modern day HOTT Spice Girls, the DOLLS have done it again with this dance joint that makes you just want to shake your BEEP BEEP...Go ahead, you know you want to!

7. James Blunt "Goodbye My Lover" - Ahhh James Blunt, does this guy know how to write a song or what. He of course doesn't disappoint with this song; heartfelt, emotional grasping at who a person is, Mr Blunt hits the nail on the head with Goodbye my Lover!

8. Nick Lachey "resolution" - Though this hasn't been released as a single, this song speaks so many personal volumes for Nick and for anyone who has ever experienced heartache, the last track on his CD and truly the most powerful.

9. Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone "Ridin" - Try and catch me ridin' dirty...Okay so I'm a white boy who likes rap music but there is no denying that this song is off the hook.

10. Mariah Carey "Fly Like A Bird" - How could I not include a MC song on my list and now that this has hit Number 1 on the R&B billboard charts, its a must listen...soon to be Mariahs #18 single; that's my girl!

PS: Paris Hilton's New song will be banned from this list and any other list I ever do!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Representing SUPERMAN...

I went to a GREAT event on Friday at IVAR for the release of Project Runway 3 and OUTFEST, the LGBT film fest in LA...I wore my new SUPERMAN dog tag which you can also get at...Christopherreeve.org

It's $10 and all the money supports the Christopher Reeve Foundation!! Everyone really loved it and shows you have soft spot for chairties...Fellas you are sure to get laid with this around your neck....ladies...You are just looking for your own superman!

Check it out...AND ORDERS YOURS TODAY!! Dont forget to go and see SUPERMAN RETURNS!!! NOW IN THEATRES!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Red Carpet

So last night was not the biggest red carpet event I'll ever go to or the last for that matter but it was an event none-the-less. Celebrating the release of Season 3 of Bravo's hit Project Runway and LA LGBT Film Fest "OUTFEST", these powerful entities along with several corporate sponsors through one hell of a booze flowing party last night at IVAR in Hollywood. Designers from past seasons and the new season gathered with every Gay Hollywood celebirty, crew members, network execs, and average Joes to celebrate OUTFEST and umm of course the EMMY Nom for season 2. YAY!! I arrived with my amazing date Tali, which together, we were turning heads if you know what I mean. I was dressed to the 9's and has just gotten the best haircut ever from this powerful Lesbian at Rudys on Melrose...check it out!
Anyways, we of course met up with my good friends Nick V, Santino, and Andrae and I had a chance to mix and mingle with some of the new designers as well as a few celebrities.
For those of you that know me and those that don't know me all that well...I work in this crazy world of Hollywood and entertainment not only because I love to do it but because I am HOLLYWOODS biggest fan. I finally got to meet longtime semi-crush Jim Verraras from American Idol 1 and Gay Indie Film EATING OUT who is in town doing promotions for his new movie EATING OUT 2: Sloppy Seconds which premieres during OUTFEST on July 13th (Check out Outfest.org for all the details) Jim was charming, sweet, and very handsome he introduced me to one of his co-stars and an incredible entourage of publicists and producers...his team of marketing experts ready to pull Jim in at any chance for a photo opp, which I loved and we got to take one together as well. Peter paige was also there, such a honor to meet another member of the Queer as Folk family, ones that I adore and cherish for making such incredible TV that truly help change my life.
The new seasons designers were GREAT! So much fun to chat with and really get to know without of course crossing the line or a professional in the business, we producer types have to of course be careful; especially when a show hasn't even aired yet, mostly because its a competition. But needless to say Angela, Malan, Kayne, Robert, and gang were all so nice and very excited to see the show and even more so how they would look on TV, I really just wanted to ask Robert for a Barbie haha...is that tacky!!?? Check out more on this seasons contestants of course at BRAVOTV.com and watch the casting special I worked on this Tuesday July 12th at 9pm followed by the premiere of Runway 3 at 10 pm only of course on BRAVO!!
The evening ended with a drunk dial to Tali and a overpriced cab ride home ending with me crawling into bed to find a box of KIX there waiting for me, THANKS CARLITO!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Out of CONTROL!!!

B does it again!

PS: I just added a counter, so now I can see how many peeps are actually checking this out! :O)

Thursday, July 06, 2006


RIP How To Get The Guy
ABC cancelled us after 4 episodes...only 2 remainded. My apologies to all that watched the show...I will sadly miss it to!
Making the show was such an incredible expierence...all my love to everyone I met thanks to that show...

Monday, July 03, 2006


As a kid, I think my 1st man on man crush was Christopher Reeve as SUPERMAN; strong hearted and willed, sweet, sexy, and oh so dorky; all things that a superhero should be. Christopher just brought to life this super character above and beyond anything a viewer could imagine. He made me believe maybe one day I could fly....now many years later Brandon Routh, the new SUPERMAN, has done just that as well. Not only was I blown away by the amazing special effects, the moving and very deep story, the decent acting, and of course Bryan Singers GENIUS performance as a director; he has done it, he has brought my hero back to life. It may sound cheesy but I found myself so into it and so moved by the story, I almost cried several times and actually cried towards the end....SUPERMAN has definitely returned. Please, do yourself a favor, get to the movie theatre...and see this movie!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's a motherfuckin' walk off!

It's almost that time again...Project Runway 3 begins JULY 13th but you know no matter what..SEASON 2 is the shit and it will be very hard to top. The DVD of the complete season 2 is on SALE NOW!! So go out and get it...Heres a lil walk down memory lane...