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Monday, July 31, 2006

Project Runway Ep. 3

Like every other American that doesn't live under a rock; I am incredibly in love with this season of Project Runway. The designers are such characters that not only do they keep the viewers enthralled through there designs and work and the concepts of Project Runway keep us watching week after week, over and over again. On this weeks episode of Runway, the designers learn they will have to make a design for there model and a matching (or nearly) design for the hottest fashion accessory around...A cute little doggie. I, like most of you, have a HUGE weak spot for cute, little, adorable, cuddleable doggies and was super excited about seeing what the designers would come up with. With watching the episode of course, I could of bet money on the fact that Bradley would be heading home and sadly enough doing so on his birthday. But towards the end and after seeing the other designers pieces, I started to lean towards the complete opposite and really make me wonder who would be Aud'f off this week. Anyone else wondering what the F was up with Keith and his Doggie Design...you made that sash? NO YOU DIDNT!! Heidi called you out and proved that you were full of IT!!
Anyways...Can I just take a moment and express how much I love Tim Gunn. As opinionated mentor to the designers, he is caring and honest all at once, he tells the designers like it is and doesn't bite his tongue, he wants them to succeed. I enjoy his "Carry on" and "Make it work" as much as I do a good Rum & Coke, which is a lot. I can possibly go out on a limb and admit I have a slight man crush on Mr. Gunn. I have probably lost half of my readers right now going on and on with my older man fetish, so let me get back to this weeks review.
The models take the runway and one by one as always the designs for this week stroll out. My favorites were of course Jeffrey, Robert, and Alison, who I was extremely disappointed that she did not win. Her design was simply flawless and seemed to have much more passion behind it then Uli's. Let me briefly chat about Uli, though she maybe a good designer, she lacks something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but she just doesn't seem to be as sellable as the others, maybe it's because I can never take her seriously when she talks, that accent drives me CRAZY!! Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against foreigners, believe me my friends call me the "Gay United Nations", I just feel she lacks an incredibly important human quality that is so very much so needed to be a designer that people want to buy from. But it's still very early and I am sure I will fall in love with her just like every other gay man that watches this show. Okay so my least favorites, were Katherine, Keith, and Angela. Sidebar about Angela, we met through her brother who I am friends with and I thought she was darling, but her designs are just so out there, I just was at a loss for what she was thinking this week and WHY did her model look so much like her and the way she was dressed!!??
So the winner this week was Uli, again I was VERY disappointed by this feeling very strongly that Alison deserved to win.
As always, watch again next week where the biggest dramatic moment ever happens and is well worth seeing!!!
Now for my favorite part, here is the quote of the week:
"That is a hot looking mama to work with kids, belly out, boobies out, DAMN!" - Heidi Klum
Till next week..."Stay Focused and STAY FABULOUS!" MUCH LOVE!

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