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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Project Runway Ep. 2

Sorry it took me a little bit to finally watch Episode 2 and blog about it for all of you but I have been a weebit busy with production on Top Chef 2. Before I get into my review, make sure you check out Bravotv.com and read "Rucker's Blog"; it's a behind the scenes look at Project Runway from a producers stand point, its really interesting to read for those of you who are always wondering what goes on behind the camera and why the producers never speak out when contestants do...Ehh Zulema...well worth the read...

Okay, so Episode 2, Miss America Tara Connor is the special guest judge and asks the designers to create a dress for her to wear to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant she will be competing in this upcoming weekend. (Keep an eye out on Nancy O'dell's dress, Nick V from Runway 2 designed it!!) NOW if you all watched last weeks episode you will already have thought the same thing I did; KAYNE WILL WIN! This amazing designer does this shit for a living and it serves right that he would design something some amazing which he DID and that he would win, WHICH HE DID!! So Congrats to Kayne with the help of Gym Bunny Robert Best.

Okay, I have to just come out and say it. I am so over 2 things on this season already. Number 1 being VINCENT!! How dare he go out on that runway and say such horrible things about Angela and say how she made this a "nightmare" experience for him when all the time they , well him, were working on the gown, he wouldn't even let her go near him let alone touch it. Oh and then he says "I need you to move back 3 feet"; for me that would of been hit, my heels would of come off, there go my hoops earring, I done turned my rings around, and would of knocked that mother f'er on his ass. Teamwork Vincent teamwork...Look up the meaning you douche! Secondly, I am so over Keith Michael, pompous, arrogant, and just plain douchtastic, he seems to just get in over his head and pretend like he really knows what he is doing, well you don't Keith, in fact I think Malan's dress was MUCH better than yours anyday!

Speaking of which, my boy Malan was voted off this week. I have to say after the first episode I found Malan to be sweet yet intense and of course like all designers on this show competitive. Never once did I think he was a jerk, or rude, or mean to any of the other designers like this board bloggers are writing about. Malan is very passionate about his work, so much so it brings him to tears, how many of you out there can say you believe so much in something or have so much passion about something that it brings you to tears, probably little to none of you. Malan's dress may have been overdone but it was NO WHERE NEAR horrible. I was sad to see him go and will hopefully see a lot more of him in the future. Best to you Malan, my hat is tipped and I wish you the best, and yes darling, the show must go on.

WAIT! I almost forgot, how sad at first I was when I heard someone was sitting in for Michael Koor's who I ADORE, but hello...VERA WANG! WOW! That is the power of Project Runway, such an incredible designer taking part in this show really shows how seriously this show is being taken.

Okay and to finish this weeks blog I have to end with this bit of conversation between Robert and Kayne...QUOTE OF THE SEASON THUS FAR!!
"Robert, we bought 4 millions pounds of Rhinestones, we will glue them on this dress until our fingernails bleed!"
"I'm just say girl, she's a beauty queen, NOT a disco ball!"

LOVES IT, MEANS IT! Till next week...Happy watching!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree. Angela may not have the technical skills many of the others have, but she was not the horror Vincent made her out to be. To vote Malan off instead of Vincent was just plain wrong. I hope we see Malan again somewhere, he is a very talented designer. In addition to raw talent he has the passion and drive to really make it and I hope he does, despite the (in my opinion) faulty decision by the judges.

Oh yes, Vera Wang was amazing! She has close ties to Parsons, so I'm sure this had allot to do with her apperance, but it is also a credit to the show's success. Hopefully they will continue to judge based on talent and not on personality (last episode aside).