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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Hey there everyone!! Wow my blog has been getting nearly 1000 hits a week which is really incredible and makes me wish I could post more often but things are so crazy right now, so I do apologize. I have been incredibly busy working on the 2nd exciting season of Top Chef which premieres on BRAVO in October. How exciting it is to be making a 2nd season of this show, the feedback from the first season was exciting and extremely positive so now going into the 2nd season, in a new city (LA) and with a new Host (Padma Lakshmi; Google her), everyone is super stoked for you to all see it, so watch for that in October.

Hope you all have been enjoying the new season of Project Runway and exciting news for me is that I will be in NYC working on the TOP SECRET finale in September. So all of you NYC peeps of mine, be ready, though I will be working non-stop I will make sometime to go out and about with all of you!!

I am finally heading home for the first time in almost a year, though I was on the east coast for my Nonnies funeral in March; I really didn't get to see anyone. I am super excited to see all of my friends and family. I go through a serious withdrawal from them at certain points, espicially around my birthday and others close to me who celebrate big events; such as my niece turning 1 who I will get to share that with when I come home. Though I may not speak of them often, I have an incredibly supportive sibiling tree...My brother Ray and my sisters Jenn and Sonja are truly such incredible motivators in my life and continually make me proud. My brother has grown so much since I moved to CA and I never would of thought he would of become the young man he is today, he means the world to me. We have come from so little and fight day in and day out for emotional and financial stability but always find time to connect and express love and support to one another. I pray for and continue to work towards my dreams and success so I can help him expierence all the things life is intended for. Anyways, I will be arriving on the morning of Aug. 31st and be there til the 4th of Sept, though a very short trip, I'm going to try and do as much as I can and see everyone I can while I am there. (My best friend Bri is right now jumping up and down celebrating that I am coming home...I MISS YOU TO GIRL!!)

In just about 22 days I will be turning 25 years old. For me this is kind of a surreal age, because when I first went into to see my doctor about my surgery, he told me my last option would be the surgery and that if I didn't have it done and continued on the horrible health road I was on, I would not make it to see 25, and here I am, feeling healthy, loving my life, on the road to be the success I have always dreamed of and finally finding an inner peace I have always wanted.

Thank for checking out my blog and I look forward to hearing from you all soon...
2006 brings more fun to come...
The Launch of Hollywoodyonline
Hollywoody Tshirt line
and hopefully
the pilot featuring myself and produced by me!!

Life is good...Keep dreaming because it IS possible! Believe me...

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Jeremiah Christopher said...

I'ts ALWAYS a celebration with you :)