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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Runway Eps 4 & 5

So I am posting about episodes 4 & 5 to catch up so all of you active blog readers CAN STOP complaining that I haven't updated my runway rewind blog in forever.
Ep. 4: Working in reality TV I have a certain substantial right to say what Keith Michael did was wrong and clearly against the rules and Kayne and the gang had every single right to say something about it. These designers fight to be apart of this show...thousands of people try out for this show and a lot of very talented people do not make the show and he did. He and every other contestant have an unwritten "must do" law when being on the show that they MUST not cheat and must remain true to themselves as a designer and realize how lucky they are to be apart of this crazy show. Keith Michael may have been a great designer and who knows how far he would of made it but he clearly did what shouldnt have been done and got the boot because of it. Keith, sorry you got the early boot, good luck in all you do. Congrats to Angela's team for pulling it together, putting aside there differences and really "making it work" and designing a great piece that deserved to win. To Angelas credit, even though her work thus far has been "shit" I am very impressed how she pulled it together, trusted her partners, and made it happen for herself and Michael and Laura...You go girL!
Ep. 5: HOTT PINK BOOTY SHORTS!! I really enjoyed this episode and thought the quality of the pieces were of very high quality but lets chat briefly about my boy Robert. For god sakes man, did you check your gay card at the door, where is your exciting sense of style that you showed us in the beginning. The judges had every right to call his stuff boring because this week and last weeks were both quite boring and he needs to kick it up a notch if he plans on being around for awhile. So back to the booty shorts, oye, I LOVED THEM!! No mind you, I did love my girl Kaynes work in this episode...it was simply fierce. Michael simply got himself caught up in the spirit of the challenge, channeled my sista Pam G., and made an outfit that would make any of those rap video dancers take a double take and holla "SAY WHAT!" YOU go boy...now if we can just get him to stop taking offense to the fact that people think he's gay we would truly LOVE MK.

I have yet to watch Ep. 6 so stay tuned for my Runway Rewind of Ep. 6 to come...

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