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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Home is where the heart is...
But what if you heart is in many different home.
Clarifying this statement...I mean my home is here...in the literal sense and in the
"heart sense" but my home is also in NY, because part of my heart lives there.

I miss NY.
Cant wait to visit-
Upstate NY.
Good ole Amsterdam, NY 12010
Or Albany, NY...dont know the zip

I adore it. Althought all I wanted was OUT when I was there, it truly serves as an inspiration for me. The support and love I feel whenever I am there is truly amazing. Though since I've left I have not kept in touch with as many people that I would like, being swamped all the time makes it hard to call everyone, though I do kinda feel ignored, seeing my phone isnt always ringing off the hook either. But, in the end it doesnt matter who calls who because still; I do feel a love for them still. I still do feel as though when I see them I can pick right back up where I left off.

I miss Jeff, my lil Vitamin man, we dont nearly talk as much as we used to or IM as much as we used to, clearly because we are both so busy, school and FT work here, and FT work and now boyfriend with him. There are obviously obstacles that keep us from talking more. But the connection I have with him, thats on a deeper level, keeps me attached. I know at anytime I can call him, chat with him, and get the loving advice he is always ready to give, or the laughs I enjoy, or the conversation you have as if I was your next door neighbor you ran into in the hallway. Jeff just got manager at his store, he takes over June 1st...Im proud of you kid, All my love.

My roommate told me he is making dinner a week for Sunday for a bunch of us in honor or me moving in. Like one big happy family...ahh how nice it is to hear that again.

Family. I love it.

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