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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Watching Roseanne...What a fabulous show. Something so wrong about how interesting this family is, the white trash aspect is so appealing to me as a viewer, partically because in a way I think the Connors are like most family, unique qualities that each member of the family has. I miss the Connors...

Im finally feeling somewhat settled. I am pretty much unpacked but I just have so much stuff that its hard to find a place for everything when you move into a room ,no matter how big it is. I adore the new place. The room is very large, with high ceilings, the walls are a peach color with green trim. Its quite cute. Im up online and having cable again is a blessing, how could I have been living without the food network, ABC, the WB, and BRAVO!!

Only a few weeks till I come home for a few days, I really cant wait. I miss my friends from NY in a way that I cant quite explain. I encourage you guys to come visit, so lets chat!

Im off to bed, only 3 days left of classes...WOOHOO!! My sketching class is over after 2morrow...Thank god! I want this semester to be over...

OHHH I forgot to tell you guys, I had the interview for an internship for the summer at the Film Arts Foundation here in SF, an organization that helps new and upcoming filmmakers financially and otherwise to make films, they offer classes and workshops, and thrive on its members. I got called Friday after luckily enough running into the director as the conclusion of my interview on Thursday, who apparently fell in love with me, and offered me the spot on friday! YAY! So something else to look forward to...
So far...
June 2nd-7th - Back to NY
June 3rd - Waterstock at Waterworks...Hosted by JJ Gay with special appearence by Lady Bunny!
June 11th - GLAAD Media Awards...VIP style!
July 4th - Santa Cruz Trip
August 27th- My 24th Birthday and WICKED LIVE!!

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MViCiOUS said...

Woody you amaze me, your extremely strong and un censored. I love it. Best of luck babe! hope to see u in NY when u come for your visit.