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Friday, May 20, 2005

To much

I sometimes feel like I talk about my life and myself to much. Im sure some of you get sick of it, but I only do it because Im sorta proud of what I have accomplished in my life. In no way am I saying I am better than anyone else, or that I deserve any more or any less then any of you but I guess sometimes its to much, to much as in the way people take me, or perceive me. There are people who consider me an inspiration and who consider my way of thinking honorable.

I receieved this email today. I will not disclose who sent it but it was just so moving I had to share:

I don't know if you really know how much I appreciate you as a friend. It's just that we've all been too busy this semester to really hang out and have some good talks.

You've taught me how to be stronger, Woody.. how not to let other people make you miserable. Don't get me wrong.. I'm still my shy sensitive self.. but seeing you and the way you remain so positive about life has taught me that I can't just waste my days away worrying about shit. Just gotta keep doing what you love and move on past the people that try and bring u down.

I'm a better person for that.. and I cannot thank you enough for how much your positive attitude has helped me. Your tough love may have hurt at times.. but you know what? I'm so happy to see life through yours and other eyes. It shows me just how lucky I actually am. So I've learned to suck it up and roll with the punches.


I don't mean to bring up bad memories.. but I need to be specific with you. I just feel like you deserve to be thanked for this... The whole situation that happened with ________. You were there for me. You listened to me cry on the phone and then you told me not to worry - told me to get over it and that I deserved more. You saw how blind I was, and you opened my eyes to who he really was and what he was doing to me.. You weren't afraid to tell me the facts... and thanks to you my relationship with __________ is so much better. I feel so empowered now. I know that I am strong with or without someone. If it doesnt work with him - then it's ok. There will always be tomorrow.. and there will always be my friends. I have learned to trust and to noT be afraid to communicate.... OK enough of that!

I live life in a whole new way thanks to u, darling. I really hope we can hang out a lot more this summer. I learn so much from you.. and I hope it never ends. ;D
You are one of the most beautiful people in the world, Woody. To me you're just another one of those angels sent down to show me and others just how beautiful life can be.


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