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Sunday, May 22, 2005


I went to the KFOG (a radio station here in SF) KaBoom last night with Brian, Kelly, and Venis. The KaBoom is a huge free concert that starred the Wallflowers and ended at about 9pm with a HUGE, when I say BIG I mean BIG, fireworks display that went along with the music that the radio station played. It was an amazing show that blew me away. Things are always just done so much bigger in bigger cities, lord knows Upstate NY's fireworks looked like a light snack compared to the monster 7 course dinner that SF's fireworks supplied. Watching the fireworks and being in the state of awe, it sorta takes things and makes your mind put them into perspective as each light hits the thoughts race through your mind, as each explosion is set off, you discover something new or sad about yourself, it can be quite the discovering expierence. Of course I maybe looking way to much into, which more then likely I am but think about it just for a second...when your watching fireworks, what races through your mind, besides the general beauty thoughts of it, what else is there?

I told him that I wrote about him in my blog. I sent him an email of what was wrote in it. Im not sure how he will react but we will see. I have to be honest with him, its the best policy.

Havent heard back from Johnny in awhile, I hope all is well, I know he has been finishing up school but he apparently has just been to busy to call and say hi, hope he is okay...I miss him tremendously.

Lady Bunny and I chatted yesterday. She and I are both excited for Waterstock @ Waterworks coming up on June 3rd. She is also coming here to SF which is going to be a fabulous time towards the end of June, I cant wait to see her.

No other major thoughts or revelations, just that life is good right now. I cant wait to see everyone when I go home...Think about it everyday. All I know is that Jen, Kim, and I soooooo have a date with the cage at WW...HA!

Till next time...


Anonymous said...

*dances randomly around you*

Anonymous said...

fierce...simply fierce