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Sunday, April 16, 2006


It's Easter and I am currently living in West Hollywood, CA and really enjoying making a new life for myself here. I have found an amazing place to live with a really great guy who is exactly what I find appealing about having a roommate. I am working here and there just finishing a show for ABC and gearing up to head to Vegas tomorrow for a week to do another show, after that not quite sure but whatever comes along the way Ill be happy to scoop up!

I am of course going through one of my reflections stages right now in my life seeing I have some free time on my hands and with all the changes, it really makes you think about all of the things in your life. I often wonder what kind of perception I give off to new people I meet, I wonder what is the first thing, second thing, third thing, people think about after meeting me. I see myself as a likeable guy who is semi decent to look at, as I go out and about with some new friends and my new roomie here in West Hollywood, I realize just how different the gay society is, difference being from San Francisco and now here...sadly the scene is lack luster, full of overly confident and cocky cute guys, who know it and let you know it if you don't, and straight up bitchyness. It's mostly about who you know and what can you do for me. NOW I am not saying everyone is like this because they aren't but sadly the ones who are, including myself, are so overwhelmed with the way "it is" we subcome to the pressures and just put up with it and "deal".

I moved to West Hollywood to really throw myself into the loop with working in film and tv and no other real motive. I enjoyed the people, the love, the community in San Francisco. It is seriously something to reflect on and enjoy when you are there. Now in no way am I saying I do not enjoy West Hollywood, its nice to walk around in a city that I have always dreamed about living in (LA) and feel semi cute as some heads turn as I walk down Santa Monica Blvd. but after going out this weekend it just seems so BLAH! And how do I honestly expect to meet someone out at a club or bar...Its not going to happen, mainly because its just impossible to meet somebody of quality at a bar where everyone is looking to hook up anyways BUT when you try to befriend someone everyone assumes -- YOU WANNA GET WITH THEM!!


I think my major thing is that even though I am 24, IM NOT! I am extremely mature and have an outlook on life that most 24 yr olds or younger don't get and don't even consider at this point in there lives. Let me explain:
Not bitchy
Open hearted

Most people my age:

hahaha...I guess thats a pretty dramatic example but you get my drift. I just see life with open eyes and okay yes, I do things that are catergorized as my age group. Yes I enjoy pop music, yes I enjoy going out and making out and having random sex, yes I love the entertainment industry...but it's just different, it doesn't control my life, nore do I make a habit out of making fun of others or feeding off of other peoples tragedies!!

Now, my question is where do I meet guys. If I don't go out, If I dont give into the scene and not go out and fall into that mess, how do I meet someone...anyone...I'm not saying I want LOVE, because I'm not and thats a whole nother story, but where do you go to meet quality friends...

The rambles and tangents I go on sometimes are pretty interesting, just the things on my mind, this Easter morning of 2006.

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Jen said...

I've noticed the same thing. People outside of this city are very different. Before you lived here in SF, you've never lived anywhere else in California, right? It's just like that. When I go back to San Jose, I notice it. I got used to the friendliness here, and when you go back to somewhere else, you can really see the difference.
But not everyone is bitchy. I don't think you're gonna find good people in places like bars and such. Bars are where you go with friends you already have, I think. Try going to nicer places, places where the people are more mature. I have no idea what's in West Hollywood, but I'm sure you can find some place.

WOODY I NEED YOUR NEW ADDRESS! I still haven't given you back those slides from SOOOOO LONG ago! :-P My bad!

Take care!

~ Jen