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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TV Tops

Jesus! Did the networks out do themselves for this Fall season. I have so much DVR'd on my box that I am running out of space. I figured that if you are wondering what you should be watching, I'd clue you into what is a must see this fall season:

5. TOP CHEF Season 2 - BRAVO - Wednesday's @ 10 pm - Okay so I maybe a little partial to the show because I worked on it but this show has simply got that spark that will make everyone tune in every single week. Watch the 15 new chefs go head to head to earn the title of Top Chef. The season premiere is on Wed. Oct. 18th at 11 pm right after the season finale of Project Runway 3 and then it will go to 10 pm every Wed. only on BRAVO...watch what happens. See a preview of the new season on BRAVOTV.cm

4. RUNAWAY - THE CW - Mondays @ 9 PM - Donnie Walhberg stars in a great new hit for The newly formed network known as the CW (which is the combination of the WB and UPN.) The show follows a father and his wife and 3 kids on the run from the law after someone framed the dad for murder. They have moved into a new neighborhood and are being hunted and trying to hide but somehow remain a family after changing everything they know. The family is in danger of being found because the people who framed the father are out to kill his kids. This is a must watch but since it's on the same time as Heroes, DVR this one. Its good but worth the hour wait.

3. Grey's Anatomy - ABC - Thursday's @ 9 PM - Lord oh Lord, Fuck ER, Give me my GREYS! I love this show so much I had to get the first 2 seasons on DVD and catch up so I would get what was going on this season. If it was written well enough reasons to also watch are Dr. McDreamy, Mr. Dempsey who I have met in person at Whole Foods where we held some conversation and he is just as dreamy in person as he is on TV. Plus hello, My girl Sandra O is freakin' fabulous on this show...So whatcha waiting for...Jump aboard the Grey's Train, I did and Justin Chambers is sitting right next to me...yummy!

2. PRISON BREAK - FOX - Monday's @ 8 PM - I didn't watch the first season and picked up from the beginning of this season and I am so in love with this show. Plus hello...FUCKIN 2 HOTTIES are the stars of this show. It's full of action, nonstop drama, and twists and turns all over the place, its one of the best shows FOX has put out since 24 started! A must watch...if the shows not reason enough...check out the hotties on FOX.com/prisonbreak

1. Heroes - NBC - Monday's 9 PM - I have never ever been more excited to watch a new show and it did not let me down. Heroes is by far one of the best shows I have ever seen. Brilliant story telling and it continuously will make you think through out the program. The basis of the show is that in the ordinary world extra-ordinary people exist with powers that can not be explained. Is it that our human genetic code has starting evolving or is it that these people have always existed but are somehow being brought together for the better of mankind that is destroying itself on a daily basis. Each character is defined and as weeks go on we will learn more about them and about others like them. I can not wait till next week and so should you...check out NBC.com right now to watch the premiere episode of NBC's new hit...HEROES!!

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Bruce said...

That's quite a list! Personally I just wait for shows to come on DVD and Netflix them. :-) TV annoys me too much these days. That said, I'm totally addicted to Battlestar Galactica. Love it!