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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Poor Britney

Okay so yes I am and always have been on Team Britney and yes I do have sympathy for her and yes I still will buy her CD and support her. I have never once condoned her behavior all I have ever said is NO ONE IS PERFECT! She never said she was something she wasn't and she never set expectations of herself in the media everyone started tearing her down for just living life...Now that her kids are with Kevin (great place right...MMMM or not) maybe she will finally take sometime for herself!
Here is the latest from E! Onlines Marc Malkin...

No Tears from Britney?
Is Britney Spears crying over losing custody of her children?

Apparently not.

A source tells me the embattled pop princess is fuming but not exactly sobbing. “There have been no tears,” I am told. “It’s more like she’s angry. It’s more like, ‘Who are you to tell me I’m not a good parent?’ ”

The source says Spears is in constant contact with her attorney’s office. “She calls them all day asking for advice, but then she doesn’t take any of it.”

Who else is she in contact with these days? Not many people. Despite being on the outs with her parents, Lynne and Jamie, I hear she does talk to her brother, Bryan, and sister, Jamie-Lynn.

“Obviously, her parents are disappointed, but they’re sort of relieved she lost custody,” my source says. “When Britney has them, she won’t allow them near the kids.”

A few weeks ago, I was the first to tell you that the small circle of people Britney does stay in touch with have been urging her to check in to rehab. I’m told the pressure is still on: “She hasn’t said she’ll go yet, but everyone wants her to.

“Even Kevin has told her to go," the source says. "If she wants her kids back, she doesn’t really have a choice. They think rehab will happen sooner than later.”

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