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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Day 2 BGRT

We got up a little later and had breakfest with the crew and then hit a meeting for everyone to go over exactly how the show will be running. Randomly enough the hotel has named our group the "Johnathan Woody Woodbeck Group" and has signs at everyone of our rooms that say it, HY-sterical! So going into the meeting I was handed one of the signs and it is a total memoir. We worked pretty much the entire day , had some dinner and drinks, and myself, Angela, Rambo, Shaun, Asoniti, and Kim headed to PLAY which is like Nashville largest dance club. We made our way to catch the very end of a drag show but were excited to find out we would be able to see the full show at 1 am. Everyone loves a good drag show and these bitches looked fierce. Trust me I have worked with many famous drag queens like Lady Bunny, RuPaul, Penny Larceny and I know beautiful drag bitchesss! We made our way over to another side of the club that was a giant dance floor where we all busted a move. Angela is the most amazing wing man by the way. My girl is adorable and dances with the cute boys and lures them in and I swoop in and take them away. We got to see a very improptu performace by JOSHUA AND JACOB AKA NEMISIS RISING stars of there very own reality show on LOGO. They sucked! Plain and simple and what was most funny about it was that we had just been talking about the show earlier because one of our directors worked on it and I was just pointing out that LOGO should redirect there programming because that was by far the worst show ever and we hated it; I speak for all the gays when I say that! We got front row seats for the drag show at 1 and those Nashville bitches were amazing. We grabbed another cocktail at the tail end of the show and grabbed a quick dance, one final whore lap, and we headed out for the night. We were almost back to the hotel when we hit Jack In The Box! Christ almight those mac n cheese bites were amazing! We heade back to the hotel and some of us went to sleep right away and well some of us didn't... :-) All in all an amazing day! Check out the play by play pictures below. Expect more to come...

The Happy family at PLAY

Josh and Jacob performing...

...and this is Angela and my reaction to there tragic performance!

The man, the myth, the legend RAMBO and myself

Ang and I showing some Drunk love!

The HUGE crowd at PLAY

One of the amazing Draq Queens working it out

The not so White trash Drag Queen

Umm YES this IS a drag queen...Promise! HA!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a great time Woody, this is alex, vote for us for amazing Race All Stars by clicking the link below


and then clicking WHO'S MISSING Tournament in the bottom left hand corner.

EMD_SD60 said...

sexy as hell

EMD_SD60 said...

wats his/her name?