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Monday, September 24, 2007

Reflections of the moment...

Dont judge, because I dont
Dont just be, be happy with being
Love you, before anyone else
Be happy, because its not worth it unless you are

lifes to short
im on my 2nd chance
not going to screw it up
one shot
thats all
time = value
love = life
you = you
feels good to breath...
my heart
to yours

*this is something I wrote early this morning, just hit me...a lot of you know me, know of me, don't know enough about me, whether you want to or not, I am not cut and dry, theres more to me than anyone person will ever know...and I am sure there is more to all of you than I will ever know, take time, enjoy each other, dare to ask, dare to get to know each other, take risks, chances, put it on the line, lifes to short yeah? I am not sure what the poem above means but I guess as of late I've been reflecting alot on life, not in a good way or bad way, just realizing how lucky I am and how lucky we should all feel to just be here, be us, day to day take a moment and remind yourself...we all get caught up in it, but if you take that single moment to reflect...the skies clear, the ground stops shaking, life catches up with you...and you become one again.*

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