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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

5 Questions w/ Tim Gunn

I did an interview a few months back with the man of style from BRAVO's hit series PROJECT RUNWAY, Tim Gunn. On the verge of the highly inticipated 4th season of Project Runway and his own show on BRAVO called "Guide To Style, I thought I would share some of the fun questions I had the honor of asking Timmy G.

If you were going to be on Survior and they told you that you could only bring 3 luxury items that you just couldn’t live without, what would you bring and why?

TG: Hmm...luxury, eh? Do skin products count? If so, then my stash of Lab Series for Men miracle workers would be packed. How about Bombay Sapphire Gin? And my cashmere robe from Bergdorf Goodman. Actually, anything from Bergdorf Goodman would quality as a luxury item!

Better Movie – Brokeback Mountain or My Fair Lady?

TG: Oh, they’re each so different. Chacun a son gout. One is an emotionally wrenching love story -- whenever I want a good sob, I slip in the DVD and wail my guts out. The other is a Cecil Beaton wet dream – a lavish confection of costuming and choreography. I was ten when My Fair Lady was released and I believe it was during the Ascot Gavotte that I discovered I was gay.

What is your favorite thing to eat?

TG: Oh, I’d have to say popcorn. And why can’t someone among the hordes of culinary wizards invent an extremely low calorie popcorn? Why? It’s just corn kernels! And given the trans-fat witch-hunt happening here in New York, popcorn may disappear altogether. New Jersey here I come?

If they were to make a TV movie about your life, who would you want to play you? First when you were younger, second who would play you now?

TG: Oh dear. Younger? Napoleon Dynamite. Now? Ben Stein.

Favorite word in the English language and what does it mean?

TG: Preposterous. And it means just how it sounds.

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carolemcclellan said...

Without a doubt that is the most informative, fun interview with Timmy G.... I luv the nickname I have read.
As an avid follower, as of season 3 of Project Runway I enjoyed it. I really never cared for the show as veteran designer. Of 30 years. Even though my peers and customers just KNEW I should be on the show…. I just could not even consider it …I saw a Santino outfit on the Today show and vowed NEVER to be a part of that contrived schlock.
Then I was talked into the casting call…. that is a chapter all itself. NY124. So I had my own interview with Timmy G that I will cherish for all times. He is a great guy, much like my own gay brothers in Seattle, so smart, so hip,so well spoken. I trust the giant family of GE always takes care of him and appreciates his intellect. Because I found the whole process of casting and the previous shows not really about quality talent but sensation…. and the “come on down” prize that comes with it…xoc