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Friday, June 22, 2007

HollyWOODY's Friday's HOT Topics

Its Friday and I decided we would celebrate with 5 HOT Topics...so here we go:

1. Rosie Met with the producers of "The Price Is Right" and all she says is "We had a very nice lunch"; come on girl, YOU got a bigger mouth than that! MORE

2. A new study shows that kids who are addicted to Video games are more likely to become mentally ill...Anyone else just blurt out "DUH!" MORE MORE

3. Ohhhh really! Well finally after weeks of denying the rumors of them getting to know each others naughty bits, Justin and Jessica finally step out publically and don't look ONE bit happy. Oh Justin when will you just come out ------wait a minute...Last time I checked Jessica was rumored to be a lesbian...that greedy bitch! HA! (I'm just kidding I love her just hate any girls that date my future husband...I mean they are obviously are going to get there hearts broken when he leaves them for me....is this why my friends call me delusional!?)

4. Here is my MYSPACE Music Profile of the WEEK - I HEART Christopher Dallman and you can see him LIVE at the Viper Room this Sunday Night! Check out his MYSPACE -
Chris Dallman's Myspace

5. My video of the week...LOOOOOOOOVE IT! HA!


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