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Monday, February 18, 2008

7 Deadly Sins of Hollywood Love

Hey guys! I started writing for another magazine freelance and I wanted to share my Feb. column. Check it out and let me know what you think?

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Hollywood Love

February has been deemed the “month of love” and with Valentines Day falling smack dab in the middle of the month; it’s no wonder everyone starts acting like smitten teens who just found love all over again. I’ll admit, I’m a hopeless romantic and enjoy feeling that special something for someone; who doesn’t? Though as we all know, sometimes when in relationships we get hung up on the little, or big, things that just don’t play a part in making a relationship work and in Hollywood that is so much more present. We see it all the time; this one breaks up with that one, this one slept with this one, this one slept with that ones ex, this one got divorced, etc. You know the drill by now and I blame it all on what I like to call “The 7 Deadly Sins Of Hollywood Love.”

FAME: One is more famous than the other
Fame is such a funny thing. One day it can be there and the next POOF; it’s gone. Just ask any former member of the Real World; they’ll tell you how true that statement is! Problem is when you are in a relationship and you become famous or earn a new level of celebrity status because your lover is A-list material; you’re relationship is bound to get a little rocky. Jealous, party of one, your table is ready…Jada Pinkett-Smith is that you!?

WORK: One works more than the other
You better work like RuPaul honey, Work it girl! Booking gigs in Hollywood isn’t as easy as it seems and boy do those in the biz know it. You have to have the look, the sound, the skills, the ASSets; you know all the real important things in life and as we know or as Heidi Klum tells us; one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. So being in a relationship with someone who is booking work constantly while you never get a callback can make for quite the explosive situation; I mean how do you think Ryan Phillipee felt when Reese was winning Oscars and he was--well…what WAS he doing!?

MONEY: One makes more money than the other
Say Hey, baby I gotcha money, I said hey, baby I gotcha money…Ahh I think ODB from Wu-Tang was onto something when he wrote and rapped that song! Money makes the world go round and being able to provide for your famous sweetie becomes equally important. So if you have a bazillion dollars like Nicole Richie and are used to “providing” for yourself, how is Joel Madden, who is NOT a bazillionaire, going to really ever make you happy when money has always ruled your life; Hey I’m just saying. Who knows maybe it really is love? *laughs to himself*

SEXUAL PREFERENCE: One is actually gay
You know it’s true! You all have heard the rumors! From someone who knows a good amount of people in this business and has heard story after story about this major movie star getting it on in a bathroom with another man, someone seen making out in the back of a club with some random stripper, and having secret boyfriends and girlfriends while they should be home with the wifey or hubby and the kids…well they should know by now nothing in Hollywood is a secret; no matter what contracts they force their partner to sign, right Katie…I mean REALLY!?

DRAMA: One has more baggage than the other
Next to money, Drama runs our lives whether we want it to or not. So between addictions, traumatic childhoods, crazy ex’s, sex tape scandals; celebrities have a 12- piece Louis Vuitton set of baggage when entering into a new relationship; not to say we all don’t have those same issues but our issues aren’t printed in US Weekly every week. So in turn, blossoming relationships find this one of the hardest things to overcome; so if you want it to work, just find someone to date who has more baggage than you do. I hear Britney Spears is single? Bless her heart; that mess!

PITY: One thinks they are not good enough for the other
A four-letter word with such power over a relationship. We see it all the time; for example, the woman is a big time singer, famous all over the world, selling millions of albums, touring, traveling, mobs of adoring fans, and there is her beau…standing by her side hating every single moment of it giving new meaning to a bump on a log and never feeling worthy enough. So to be blunt, for that rock star, there is only so much a person can take before they set that log on fire. OKAY! No room here for pity my dear; that’s what they have support groups for.

SATISFACTION: One is never satisfied with what they already have
Imagine: “My house isn’t big enough! My car isn’t the hottest out! My swimming pool is wide enough! My shoes are not the latest from Jimmy Choo! I want better NOW!” You think that’s a bit fabricated? I think not! SMACK! Girl, get it together! When you have all the money in the world, you always are wanting more and sadly even when you think you have found the one for you…some other bitch rolls up and throws you or your love for a loop. Now while most of us can handle this kind of temptation, some of us are rather weak when it comes to bulging biceps, junk for days, and those deep blue eyes…Just walk away Matt Damon, please, you’re killing me!

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