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Monday, October 10, 2005


So most of you reading will either know me as either:



If you know me by one, Im sure you are wondering what the other name is all about.
Well heres a little insight for you....I am only doing this because people have been wondering...no alternative motives haha...

Woody- In 6th grade, I was the biggest kid in my class with the brightest and sweetest disposition, I used to be very active in all the sports and recess activities at school even though I could barely take part in them. One day, I was the last one left in dodge ball, my entire team was waiting to see if I would get OUT or if I would save the team by catching the ball...one after another, giant red balls came flying my way, dodging them left and right, my gym teacher starts a chant...WOODY WOODY WOODY WOODY, never hearing this before but really liking it, I faced my fears, and when the next big red ball came flying in my direction I turned and faced it and caught the ball, bringing my entire team back into the game. VICTORY WAS OURS!! I know you all thought it was gonna get dirty with the gym teacher or something but no, sorry, no real dirtyness behind the name, though I am known as Woody now-a-days for different reasons, hahaha... :O)

As for JJ GAY -
JJ GAY was born in July of 2002, when I made my debut on the FLY92 morning show as a regular weekly openly gay talent alongside morning show legends Brian, Ellen, and Big Ray. I started off doing Football picks and they told me to come up with a fun name, Brian wanted me to be called BIG GAY JOHN, which was so NOT cute, so we came up with some fun names, some of which were hysterical that werent used, like home-boy sexual or singular gay, but JJ GAY just rolled off your tounges and into the hearts of so many in Albany and surrounding areas. I miss doing radio there, the fans were great, the benefits were great, the people I worked with were amazing and so respectful of me. They knew I was going out there doing my thing, selling myself, as ME, nothing more nothing less. I worked hard for almost 3 years selling JJ GAY, he still goes back and does appearences and shows, and occassionally makes some time for some fun on air bantering...maybe one day he will make his way to the SF or CA airwaves...until then...I miss you Albany radio...keep the faith alive...Ill be back, one way or another. :O)

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