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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Melinda was robbed...

At this point I am more over American Idol than I have ever been...this even tops last years ridiculous placement of Taylor "I am not doing shit with my career" Hicks making it into the final 2 (and then winning) on American Idol...
Melinda should of been in the final 2 plane and simple...I am so over Jordan I didnt like her from the beginning and I still don't so I will be routing for Blake even though America I am sure will vote Jordan as this years American Idol.
I do LOVE Blake but he just has no chance against Jordan where as if it was Melinda it would of been a serious competition and very much so UP IN THE AIR!
I wish you luck Melinda and I will be looking out for your CD that I am sure will out sell Blake's and Jordan's because thats how it always works...

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