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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Is it just me or did the American Idol finale last night really suck some major ass! I mean from the ackward dance numbers, to the tribute to Sgt. Pepper (Rando!), to SANJAYA's tragic solo performance, to the most random musical guests who by the way DIDNT EVEN SING WITH ANY OF THE IDOLS...it was just plain BAD! The only good part of the show was Kelly Clarkson's rocking performance of NEVER AGAIN (she looked super butch, she better be careful about alienating her target demographic) and the amazing performance by Carrie Underwood of I'll Stand by you! Here is what they need to do next year...cut it down to an hour, have the FINALISTS perform, if you have a special guest on THEY SHOULD BE SINGING WITH THE IDOLS, and crown a winner...drop the long show, drop those stupid awards, and drop the lame BS that is considered "filler"...America is over it!
Congrats to Jordin...even though Blake will get a record deal and sell more records! :)

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